Weight sleeping bags and weight blankets are becoming increasingly popular. Do you need a weighted sleeping bag and will it help your baby sleep better? This post will tell you what a weighted sleeping bag is, what its purpose is, and if it will help your baby sleep better.

What is a weighted sleeping bag and its purpose?

A weighted sleeping bag is exactly what it sounds like. It’s kind of a sleeping bag that has a little weight on it. But why should a sleeping bag have additional weight?

These sleeping bags and blankets can soothe your nervous system and make babies feel like a hand on them. This gives them a sense of calm by acting like a hug using a technique called deep pressure stimulation. Just as swaddling helps newborn babies sleep better, a weighted sleeping bag can potentially help your baby sleep better too. But does it always work?

Will it help your baby sleep?

Swaddling your baby will ensure that your baby sleeps longer when their Moro reflex is strong. But when your baby gets older and you stop swaddling, do you still need a special type of blanket?

Sleeping bags are a safe way to have a portable blanket to keep your baby from choking. So sleeping bags are definitely a good investment!

Does the sleeping bag have to be weighted down?

Not necessarily. However, a weighted sleeping bag can help some babies sleep longer. Here are some types of babies that we find could potentially benefit from one:

  • If your baby likes it when you touch it.
  • Your baby seems very picky and / or nervous.
  • Your baby still has the Moro reflex, but breaks out of the swaddle or does not want to be swaddled.
  • You suspect your baby or toddler may have sensory processing problems.

Of course, like many of the tools in your parenting toolbox, sometimes you just have to experiment to find out what works for your baby! Many products can improve sleep, but of course some sleep problems cannot be solved with nightwear. So whether your baby sleeps better depends on the reasons your baby wakes up in the first place.


Weight-bearing sleeping bags are considered safe as long as the weight is no more than 10% of your baby’s body weight. So if your baby weighs 10 pounds, the sleeping bag shouldn’t exceed one pound. And if your baby weighs 20 pounds, your sleeping bag shouldn’t exceed 2 pounds. As a reminder, you should always choose products that meet or exceed the standards of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and have been tested for a variety of pollutants. Be sure to check the safety page on a company’s website for each product you use on your baby and see your pediatrician as they’ll know your baby best.

Sleeping bag with weights from Dreamland

I recently heard about the Dreamland Weighted Sleep Sack and they were kind enough to send me a few samples to review. These products are really top notch and beautifully packaged! The material is soft and feels like a superior product compared to many other nightwear products. Of course, my first question about a newer product is whether it is safe for your baby. This sleeping bag is medically approved, exceeds CPSC standards and is OEKO-TEX® certified. Dreamland Baby Co offers a diaper, sleeping bag and blanket option. The blanket was one of the best I’ve seen and I wanted to wrap myself in it right away! I have come across many baby products and can recommend this product with a clear conscience. Use the Baby Sleep Site coupon code BABYSLEEP15 for a 15% discount!

Nested Bean Weighted Sleeping Bag

Another sleeping bag is worth mentioning, the Nested Bean Gentle Weighted Sleep Sack. However, this is weighted differently, with only a light weight on the chest. This mimics your hand on your baby’s chest, which is comforting for some babies out there, but not for all. It’s a good alternative if your baby seems to like this a lot. These two products are different approaches to helping your baby sleep better, so your baby’s preferences are an important indicator of how well they are (or not) performing each.

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In conclusion, a weighted sleeping bag can be a great option for babies who are more picky and need extra comfort. Definitely wish I could have tried these products with my son when he was struggling to fall asleep! Of course, I might not have created this website then. My goal is to help you resolve your sleep problems much faster than I do and I hope this helps!

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